39th Farmers’ Day Celebration, 2023

Farmers’ Day Celebration is one of the major events in the National Calendar which is used to acknowledge and reward our gallant farmers and fisher folks whose toils and
labour feeds the Nation’s growing population, and provides the necessary raw materials for our industries, export markets thus promoting the economic
development of the Nation. 
This year Regional Farmers’ Day with the Theme “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security’’ was celebrated in the Suaman 

District, adjacent Districts and Municipalities were asked to simultaneously co-celebrate their Districts and Municipal farmers’ day at the same venue. In the light of the above 

Bodi, Akontombra, Aowin municipality, celebrated their respective farmers’ day celebration at the DC Park in Suaman.


Welcome Address by the Suaman District Chief Executive 

In his welcome address he thanked the regional minister, Nananom and the general public for coming to the 2nd Regional Farmers’ day celebration which is being hosted by the Suaman District. He further thanked the regional minister for the completion of the Suaman to Enchi road which used to be night mare for travellers. He appealed to the minister to replicate the efforts put in for the completion of the Juaboso Suaman road as it makes travelling relatively difficult for commuters from Suaman to the other districts in the region. 

District Chief Executive Welcoming the General Public to the Farmers’ Day Celebration

Inspection of Exhibits by the Regional Minister and Dignitaries 

The Regional Minister and the dignitaries invited comprising all regional heads of the various departments inspected the numerous exhibits displayed by the farmers from the participating districts and municipalities. Different food items, produced by farmers, livestock in the region were exhibited.  


Award prices for the award winners from the co-celebrating districts and municipalities as well as the region were inspected by the regional minister and his entourage; the award items included Tricycles, Motor Bikes, Fridges, Mist Blowers Knapsacks, Wellington Boots, Silver Pans, Wax Prints, Television Sets, Insecticides, Weedicides, Wheel Barrows, Lacoste Shirts, Certificates, and Fertilizers, Cutlasses, etc.

Speech By Regional Director of Agriculture

The Regional Director of Agriculture stated in her speech that, the region has one of the richest endowments of agriculture resources in the country which the region has to take advantage of to further the development of agriculture. She indicated that the most effective mechanism to advance the lives of millions in poverty is to support agriculture, which the region has taken as one of its priorities. She observed that value added foods are increasingly beneficial in addressing food security, nutrition and poverty and equally noted that the Department of Agriculture recognized the critical role of value addition and has
therefore over the years facilitated in the training and capacity building of
several women’s group in the region, and gave a firm commitment of the
department’s preparedness to continue to pursue this course and strengthen the
capacity of all such women’s groups in the region.

Regional Minister’s Speech

In his speech the Minister assured farmers in the region that agriculture is on the ascendency, and efforts are on the way to have an exchange Programme with Republic of India where farmers in the region would go to India to learn best practices in farming and Indian farmers would visit the Western North to share their experiences with farmers in the region.

He admonished farmers across the region to get close to the Extension Officers in their various municipalities and districts to “access improve technologies designed to improve their enterprises and could one day be rewarded as it’s about to happen here. He stated that the government has expended a lot of money in agriculture development in the region for that matter Ghana. He specifically mentioned expenses in the cocoa sector rehabilitation Programme, MAG and the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD).


 He further stated that, there will be much support given to farmers to motivate them to produce more so as to improve their livelihoods. The minister further congratulated all award winners and urged all farmers to aim getting the ultimate prize next year.

Presentation of District and Municipal Awards

Aowin Municipal Chief Executive Officer mentioned the names of their award winners to appear before the regional minister and his entourage as well as the general public. The nineteen (19) award winners were congratulated by the regional minister for working hard to be recognized for an at the regional farmers’ day. They were then led to pick their award items with prizes ranging from Motor Cycle, Mist Blowers, Knapsack Sprayers, Table Top Fringes, TV Set, Wellington Boots, Key Soap Bars, Cutlasses and Certificates. 


Bodi District Presentation


A representative for the Bodi District Chief Executive Hon. Christian mentioned the names of the award winners. They were congratulated by the dignitaries and were led to pick their award items for their hard work. 

Akontombra District Presentation



Akontombra District awarded 16 farmers consisting of thirteen (13) males and three (3) female awardees with award prizes including Motor cycle, TV set, Table Top Fridge,
Knapsacks, Cutlasses, Wellington Boots, Weedicides, Fertilizers,   Mist blowers, Dewormer, Antibiotics, and Certificates. 
The Hon. District Chief Executive read out the names of 

the award winners who appeared before the regional minister and the dignitaries to be presented with their certificate and their award prize items.

Suaman District Presentation


The District Chief Executive called out the award winners before the regional minister and the dignitaries. The district awarded (12) twelve farmers for their hard work so as to be recognized and awarded at the regional farmers’ day. Award items given included tricycles, pumping machines (irrigation kits) fridges, and wellington boots, wheel barrows, animal and poultry feed, Television sets silver pans, cutlasses, salt lick, Knapsacks, certificates, and Lacoste shirts

RegionalAwards Presentation                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Regional Department of Agriculture awarded (9) gallant male farmers and two (2) female farmers. Award items presented to the regional awardees included Tricycles, Mist Blowers, TV Set, Wheel Barrows, Knapsacks, Wellington Boots, Cutlasses, Freezers, Wax Prints, Silver Pans, Animal Feed, Blocks Of Salt Lick, Weedicides, Insecticides, Lacoste
Shirts, Shovels, Key Bar Soaps, Certificates. 
The award prizes comprising a Tricycles, Knapsacks, Mist blowers, Wellington Boots, Cutlasses, Wax Prints, Insecticides, Weedicides, Key Bar Soap, Lacoste T Shirts, Certificates, the regional best farmer took home a tricycle mist blower, and other valuable items. The entire contestant where handsomely reward with valuable items. 



Some Scenes from the awards presentation