Department of Social Welfare & Community Development

Mr. Solomon Ofosu- Addae



  1. General casework management including; Support to families and individuals in Non-Child Maintenance cases, Child abuse, Custody/Access, inheritance, Paternity and Family Reconciliation;
  2. Support, and handle domestic violence cases and spousal abuse;
  3. Intervene in cases of children in the Worst Forms of Child Labour;
  4. Facilitate the implementation of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) activities;
  5. Supervise and monitor the implementation of Social Intervention programmes eg. School Feeding Programmes;
  6. Supervise and monitor the setting up and operations of residential homes;
  7. Conduct and write social investigation reports for licencing and compliance with the National standards for residential homes;
  8. Supervise, monitor and facilitate the registration of Day Care Centers;
  9. Remove, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Street Children;
  10.  Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate victims of Trafficking in Persons (TIPs);
  11.  Provide alternative care for children without parental care such as foster care and adoption;
  12.  Identify, register and keep updates on Persons with Disabilities;
  13.  Conduct physical, medical and psychosocial need assessments of PWDs;
  14.  Offer psycho-social counselling to affected persons with disabilities and HIV-AIDS etc;
  15.  Provide hospital welfare services;
  16.  Engage communities and groups in sensitisation and social education activities on emerging social problems;
  17.  Undertake probation and prison aftercare services;
  18.  Make representation at the juvenile and family courts;
  19.  Prepare and submit social enquiry reports;
  20.  Conduct Social investigations for abandoned children, orphans, abused children, victims of trafficking and child labour as and  when required;
  21.  Register and facilitate opportunities for NGOs to develop Social Services in collaboration with the communities;
  22.  Create awareness on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and community care strategies in collaboration with communities and related agencies;
  23.  Create awareness on population issues such as family planning, reproductive health rights, teenage pregnancy, adolescent health  rights and other issues affecting women etc;
  24.  Engage in public sensitisation on child rights and protection;
  25.  Family tracing and reintegration of discharged child offenders and discharged psychiatry patients;
  26.  Assistance to destitute, psychiatry patients and stranded people;
  27.  Engage in family tracing of missing children and stranded people and assist in family reunification/reintegration and settlement of such people;
  28.  Advocate and lobby for the social inclusion of disadvantaged individuals and groups including children, women, the elderly, PWDs, and PLWHAs;
  29.  Supervise and coordinate Care Reform Initiatives (CRI) in the District;
  30.  Assist in the rehabilitation of PWDs and promote job placement;
  31.  Provide alternative care for children without parental;
  32.  Liaise with police, and hospitals and prepare Social Investigation and/or Home study Reports for the Regional Social Welfare office in favour of missing, abandoned or vulnerable children;
  33.  Ensure the establishment of child panels in the district;

Services related to the Community Development Unit

  1. Organise literacy and adult education programmes.
  2. Mobilise voluntary contributions and communal labour for the provision of facilities and services such as water, schools, libraries, community centres and public places of convenience.
  3. Teach deprived or rural women home management and childcare.
  4. Offer employable and sustainable skills training for the youth.
  5. Promote and provide alternative livelihood empowerment skills for the deprived in the communities.
  6. Promote entrepreneurial skills, business support services and linkages to financial institutions to beneficiaries of the skills training programme.
  7. Provide avenues for other institutions to implement community development programmes.
  8. Mobilise and train voluntary leaders and community-based organisations as change agents in the communities.