DLrev training session for SUADA

Some staff of the Suaman District Assembly on 20th and 21st October, 2022 were taken through a two- day workshop to be trained on the DLrev system. The DLrev is a web-based application with a digital address map (local plan) of a district produced using a geographic information system. The local plan has a spatial database and with a corresponding fiscal cadastre of revenue items, the software is used to manage data, billing, and collection. The software is currently set-up for property rates and business operating permits, but also provides for other revenue items namely rents (district infrastructure given for public use such as market sheds, stalls and stores), fees (for use of market grounds and lorry parks), fines (for flouting by-laws of the local authority) and investment (investment in securities). The application was funded by GIZ, who also partake in some of the implementation activities with government.

Scenes from the workshop session