Frances Asarie, a student who recieved glasses, attends Wenchi Salvation Army Primary School.

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The DCE, an accomplished advocate for working people and a proud product of the community, is the town’s 8th DCE with an excellent track record in community development.

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An efficient and reputable district with continuous improved living standards for its people.


Involve all stakeholders in the annual fee-fixing resolutions;

Organize community hearings to include the views of all stakeholders during the planning and budgeting process;

Conduct annual surveys to ascertain the level of community knowledge on agreements reached during service delivery consultations;

Involve relevant stakeholders, beneficiary departments and communities in quarterly and annual monitoring of projects


Disseminate draft budget estimates to Assembly members two weeks before the General Assembly meeting and publish the approved budget on the Assembly’s notice boards;

Adopt the Social and Public Expenditure Financial Accountability (SPEFA) format for reporting on MMDA to key stakeholders yearly;

Publish General Assembly meeting minutes on Community notice boards and other public designated areas (such as the reception) in the MMDA quarterly.

Client Focused

Establish functional Client Service Centres in all MMDAs by end of the year;

Publish and disseminate a Client Service Charter by the end of the year;

Establish a mechanism (suggestion box, etc.) for the receipt of complaints from clients on a weekly basis and to provide feedback to clients effectively within five (5) working days of the receipt of a complaint;

Efficient and Effective Use of Resources

Organise monthly Financial & Audit review meetings to discuss the financial transactions of the Assembly;

Ensure that at least 90% of activities, projects, and programmes implemented are within the Annual Action Plan and Budget;

Provide all clients with timely services.


Prepare and implement staff development plan for staff on an annual basis;

Ensure that the output of staff is measured  in reference to standards stipulated in the Code of Conduct for the Service bi-annually;

Conduct annual in-service training for the professional development of staff;

Establish annual award schemes for staff who demonstrate professionalism in the performance  of their duties.