SUADA holds General Assembly Meeting

On the 27th July, 2022, the Suaman District Assembly held a General Assembly Meeting to elect a Presiding Member and also discuss developmental plans in the District.

In attendance to the meeting were The District Chief Executive (Hon. Philip Kwabena Boahen), the District Coordinating Director Mr. Emmanuel Kwame Fiebor, Assembly Members, Team from the Electoral Commission, HODs and other staff.

In a brief opening remarks, the DCD welcomed all the members to the meeting and followed by self-introduction by all members in the house.

DCD (Hon. Philip Kwabena Boahen) giving a brief speech

The team from the Electoral Commission assisted the District Assembly to conduct an election to elect a New Presiding Member. Only one person, Hon. Stephenson Tandoh picked the nomination form for the position. Since he was the only candidate, the election was a “YES or NO” vote. He succeeded with a 100 percent vote and was sworn in by Hon. District Chief Executive, Philip Kwabena Boahen.

The Newly elected Presiding Member, Hon. Stephenson Tandoh gave an acceptance speech and proceeded to chair the meeting to read, correct, and approve minutes of previous meeting.

Gallery from the Election Session

In matters arising, the following matters were raised for discussion after reading the minutes.

  1. Sanitation at Assembly Wash Rooms
  2. Low Internally Generated Fund in the District
  3. 3Compensation to the Land Owners of Kwasuo Basic School
  4.  Registration of Motor bikes in the District
  5. Rehabilitation of Torya Road
  6. Activities of Galamseyers in the District
  7. District Sanitation Day
  8. Putting the Karlo market to use
  9. Lack of water at Bedabekakyi
  10.  Cocoa Health and Extension Division
  11.  Impoundment of Stray Animals in the District

Gallery from the meeting